Soft Ring Form Of Synthetic Fiber Hoisting Belt

Soft Ring Form Of Synthetic Fiber Hoisting Belt

Date:Dec 03, 2018

The soft ring is formed at the end of the synthetic fiber hoisting belt to form a ring eye, the ring eye can be loaded into the end piece or directly for hanging, its inside can be strengthened (at the end of the strap to install the end piece, add a layer of reinforcement material, the reinforcement material stitched to the seam of the strap).

1. Flat Soft Ring


A soft ring that turns the strap back without twisting and stitching it with the strap itself.

2. Reverse Ring Eye 


Turn the strap back and rotate the 180° and then stitch it with the electrons themselves into the ring eye.

The end of the strap is not allowed to be split in the direction of length into two parts of the ring eye.

3. Folding Ring Eye 


Fold up part of the strap, stitch the sides of the strap together or stitch the end of the strap with the strap itself to make the ring eye.

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