Selection Of Specification Types For Hoisting Belts And Application Angle Requirements

Selection Of Specification Types For Hoisting Belts And Application Angle Requirements

Date:Dec 03, 2018

The hoisting belt is soft and easy to operate, anti-corrosion, non-conductive, and is widely used in modern industry. Generally speaking, before hoisting, we need to do a good job of specifications and types of choice, in the hoisting period should pay attention to the control of hoisting angle.

Today, you may wish to take a look at these two points of hoisting knowledge through the specific introduction of the Oriental power God.

1, hoisting belt specifications, types of selection When selecting the hoisting belt specification, the size, weight, shape, and the method of use of the lifting load must be used to include the calculation considerations, give the ultimate working force requirements, at the same time, the public ancestor environment, the type of load must be taken into account. Must choose both sufficient capacity and can meet the use of the declines length of the hoisting belt, if more than one hoisting belt is used at the same time lifting load, must choose the same type of hoisting belt, hoisting belt raw materials can not be affected by the environment or load.

Whether or not the attachment or soft hanging ear is required, the matching of the last section of the hoisting belt and the auxiliary accessory with the lifting equipment must be carefully considered.

2, hoisting belt use angle When using a soft hanging ear hoisting belt, the minimum use of the hanging ear length cannot be less than 3.5 times times and the maximum thickness of the hook in the contact part of the lug, and the angle of the lifting ear activity cannot exceed 20 °. When the hoisting belt is connected to the lifting equipment, the contact part must be constant, unless the axial width of the hoisting belt does not exceed 75mm, the bending radius of the lifting attachment must be at least 0.75 times times the axial width.

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