Safety Operation Plan In Lifting Operation Of Hoisting Belt

Safety Operation Plan In Lifting Operation Of Hoisting Belt

Date:Dec 03, 2018

Hoisting belt lifting operation plan must be carried out before the concrete construction, it is the first step to ensure safe production. The specific job plan should include the following: Similar task description, the implementation steps of the specific work, the specific requirements of each link, the person in charge, the operating environment and location, the facilities and tools involved, the agreed command signal, the staff protective equipment, etc. 

Protective equipment for employees includes safety helmets, gloves, anti-skid rubber shoes, full-body seat belts, auditory and visual protection devices. In the concrete implementation process, may encounter some sudden nature or think of the situation, causing the construction environment to become bad, affecting the normal construction. In this case, the procedures for critical lifting are involved. 

Safety lifting refers mainly to the lifting plan involved in the construction process of the use of multiple cranes, the total quality of the goods above the maximum load, the operator can not visually lift the goods, adjacent to the wire, pipeline 1.5m, encountered severe adverse weather conditions, such as storms, dust storms, thunderstorms and so on. 

In drafting the key lifting plan, in addition to paying attention to what is involved in the general plan, the following should be included: explaining why it is a critical lifting; the manufacturer of the crane type; the length and angle of the boom; the operating radius; the weight of the goods; the pointing; the various obstacles that may be encountered; the types of hoists and rigging.

The lifting plan should be reviewed by a professional lifting technician and professional, and checked in accordance with the checklist in the appendix, and finally signed and approved by the head of the production unit or the project leader

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