Safe Use Of Sling

Safe Use Of Sling

Date:Dec 03, 2018

1, the use of newly acquired sling before the inspection of its certification, and test crane, to confirm the safety.

2, the operation must be based on the weight of the crane, volume, shape to confirm the lifting point and choose the appropriate sling. 

3, the use of clasp, strictly prohibit the side force of the clasp, before lifting must check whether the closed pin is tightened. Do not use a crack, deformed clasp.

It is strictly forbidden to repair the card ring by welding method. 

4. Wire ropes that have one of the following conditions shall not continue to be used: 1) wire rope diameter reduced 7%~10%.2) The number of broken filaments in a pitch exceeds 10% of the total number of filaments.

5, the chain has one of the following conditions should be scrapped: 1) crack; 2) plastic deformation, elongation up to the original length of 5%; 3) chain ring diameter wear up to 10% of the original diameter.

6, it is strictly forbidden to overload the use of sling tools.

7, unmarked sling with no confirmation, may not be used.

8, sling combination parts require regular inspection.

9, do not use hammering method to correct the twisted hoist.

10, sling is prohibited from throwing.

11. Do not pull from under the weight or let the weight roll on the sling.

12, hoisting square, angular components, must be added to the iron, not to let the sling and component angle direct contact. 

13, hoisting plate attention matters, 1) hoisting area greater than 6 square meters of steel plate, do not use steel plate card, must weld the ear. 2) The thickness of the plate used to make the hanging ear shall not be less than 16mm. 3) the hoisting plate with a length greater than 6 meters must use a hoisting pole.4) in the hoisting of 2 or more than 2 pieces of plate, must use fixture or special tools.

14, the prohibition of single sling hoisting.

15, components in assembly, welding, the prohibition of top-heavy placement.

16, diameter greater than one MM of the pipe, the prohibition of more than two layers of bad luck, and the bottom should not use the moving pad block.

17.When lifting members, the components are strictly prohibited from crossing the heads of other workers. 

18. The hoisting belt can only be used when shipping components in the coating section, and other areas should not be used.

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