Must Be Strictly Required For Hoisting Operators

Must Be Strictly Required For Hoisting Operators

Date:Dec 03, 2018

Strict requirements for the operation of hoisting belt operators are an important measure to ensure the safety of hoisting operations, especially the command personnel, leading the entire hoisting operation, the overall requirement should be more stringent.

Hoisting command personnel to be familiar with and use flag, whistles and gestures, walkie-talkie four kinds of command methods, in order to easily deal with a variety of occasions under the hoisting, the most important thing is to go through professional safety technical training, to the special operations after the induction certificate can be certified. Ground operators to check the hoisting belt, sling tools and so on before the daily induction is safe and effective, no breakage, confirmed qualified before the formal start of hoisting.

In the encounter of irregular shape of the hoisting object, it is necessary to understand the weight of the object and then safe lifting.

All staff must wear overalls and put their helmets on correctly, and those responsible for hooks standing in dangerous parts of high places must properly fasten their seat belts.

It is strictly forbidden to drink on duty! 

Hoisting operation command personnel, ground personnel, high-altitude personnel and supervision personnel should abide by the above mentioned norms, with the increase in operational proficiency, we will also have new experience, to constantly improve, rectification hoisting operation site norms. If a person does not obey the site supervision, or does not carry out the hoisting operation according to the specification, the corresponding punishment measures should be taken.

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