How To Use Flexible Sling

How To Use Flexible Sling

Date:Dec 03, 2018

The flexible sling is lightweight and has a chain ratio of the same load, with a weight of only 20%. So even if it falls at high altitude, it will not cause personal injury, similarly, when rocking on the crane's hook, it will not be as easy to cause head damage to the hoisting worker as the traditional hoist.

Another sling does not create sparks in an explosion or dangerous environment. The maintenance of flexible sling is very easy. Damage caused by impact is a common danger in hoisting operations, and flexible hoisting belts are only flattened under strong impact, so the risk is O. If the sling is seriously damaged, the outer envelope will first be damaged so that the core of the bearing core will be exposed to indicate that the hoisting belt has been damaged.

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