Hoisting Belt Operation Pay Attention To Fast, Stable, Accurate

Hoisting Belt Operation Pay Attention To Fast, Stable, Accurate

Date:Dec 03, 2018

In the hoisting belt lifting, loading and unloading process, the correct hoisting method, can minimize the occurrence of accidents, hoisting belt operators should have excellent technical level and rich operating experience.

One: Quick response

Fast reaction: is to require hoisting belt operators in the operation of concentration, in the hoisting process of any situation to respond quickly, timely and accurate judgment, coordination of the operation of related equipment, to achieve the understanding, calmly respond to a variety of unexpected situations.

Two: Hanging steady 

Hanging stable: is to require hoisting belt operators professional skills must be excellent, in the 1th quick reaction on the basis of the hoisting belt of the hoisting process operation, can not be rigid pursuit of slow or fast, but should be to ensure that the hoisting belt smooth hoisting under the premise of flexible treatment.

I hope you understand the essence of hanging steady, always will be stable word tips rest assured head, safety first.

Three: Let the correct

Correct: Literally it is not difficult to understand, the keyword "quasi", refers to the hoisting belt on the basis of stability, according to the command instructions and accurate visual inspection so that the hook can be correctly parked in the required position for loading and unloading. Summary: Quick response, stable lifting, accurate release of these three elements throughout the hoisting operation, is to ensure the safety of hoisting basic criteria, so I hope you firmly abide by these three content.

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