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Jiangsu Dongfang Lishen Hoisting Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 1988, is an early domestic professional manufacturer engaged in the development and production of hoisting rigging slings. The main sling products of DFLS include: hoisting slings, wire rope (press wire rope, insert wire rope, wire rope without joint), metallurgical fixture, rigging accessories, safety protection. The main product series of the company include sling (synthetic fiber sling, round sling, webbing sling), steel wire rope rigging, metallurgical fixture, rigging accessories, safety protective devices, etc.

DFLS has 136 employees, 52 professional technical personnel, building area of 15,000 square meters; The main products are spreader, rope, rope, net belt and so on of more than 30 series, thousands of varieties; DFLS has advanced production equipment, completes detection equipments, including synthetic fiber lifting belt with good and unique flexibility, strong tension, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, are widely used in mechanical manufacture, steel smelting, oil pipelines, marine transportation, bridge equipment and other fields of lifting the transport, in 2001 took the lead in the industry and passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification.

DFLS factory show 1.jpg

DFLS all staff, adhere to the "system of Oriental high-quality goods, create a national brand" of the road, create a flourishing good situation of production and sales, economic efficiency comprehensive index, annual output value, annual sales revenue, total tax paid gradually increase, all indicators in the industry are in the forefront.

DFLS has successively obtained national industrial products production license, special protection product certificate and condole belt international standard product certificate issued by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine; Passed the quality management system certification, DFLS is alibaba gold booth recommend enterprise, exclusive authorization of alibaba brand enterprise logo, and obtained the certificate of Expo, PICC provides liability insurance for DFLS all products.

After more than 30 years of growing, DFLS has become China's leading hoisting equipment production industry. DFLS products have been used for machinery manufacturing, steel smelting, petroleum railway, ocean transport, Bridges and stadiums and other fields, welcomed by many customers. With excellent technical performance and high lifting capacity, DFLS round slings can be used for marine, aerospace, mining, rail, engineering, loads, manufacturing, transportation, rigging, material handling …

◆ Development history of the company:

1996: the Dupont thread sling series products developed and processed by the Dongfang Hoisting Equipment Factory and Qingdao Dupont Company have been successfully put into production at one time.

2008-2010: preliminary enter the wind power industry.

2008-2010: successively become the qualified supplier of Baosteel, Sinopec and PetroChina, etc., and the lifting products entered dozens of their subsidiaries.

2008: start cooperation with Ford Motor Hangzhou Branch, Suzhou Kinglong, Nanjing Metro, Shanghai Metro, Kunming Metro, etc.

2009: establish the supplier status of large-scale locomotive special lifting device for many locomotive companies such as China North/South Railway.

2011: rigging products are used on a large scale in the wind energy industry and contribute to the development and use of clean energy.

2011: the soft tank lifting net designed and researched for the Sinopec Southwest Oil and Gas get the recognition.

2012: synthetic fiber soft lifting net is promoted in Sinopec.

2015: the super tonnage flat sling of the company is used in China East-to-West Water Transfer Project and has been approved by many construction units.

2016: the air bag net sleeve designed and researched by the company was brought by the Shanghai Salvage Bureau to go to South Korea to participate in the "Sewol" salvage operation.

2016: the large-scale jointless steel wire rope rigging supplied by the company for the Belgium CMI Energy Company is recognized by the users.

2017: the company becomes the qualified supplier of the Meide malleable iron.

2017-2018: the company opened a new situation in import and export trade, and synthetic fiber slings enter the Japanese market.

◆ Main products:

round sling.jpg

Round Sling

webbing sling.jpg

Webbing Sling

ratchet strap.jpg

Ratchet Straps

Car Tow Straps.jpg

Tow Strap

Chain Slings.jpg

Chain Sling

steel wire rope sling.jpg

Steel Wire Rope Sling

◆ Company scale and production capacity:

Jiangsu Dongfang Lishen Hoisting Equipment Co., Ltd. has 136 existing employees and 52 professional technical personnel; and the factory covers an area of 15,000m2.

The tonnage of the produced synthetic fiber slings is from 0.5t to 50t. The diameter of steel wire rope rigging is from 2.5mm to 120mm.

The company uses Taiwan Guangjing shuttleless looms to weave all kinds of protective jackets, and the production equipment includes Korea Cu-CuT' automatic belt cutting machine, jacket cutting machine, large-scale dyeing and finishing equipment, etc., ensuring that the fixing color of protective jacket is higher than the national standard Level 3. The inner core thread twisting machine for the production of flexible slings is provided by the best Tianzhu Textile Machine in China, ensuring the purity of the twisted inner core thread and ensuring that the tensile force of the product meets the customer's requirements.

production  equipment.jpg

◆ Product quality control system:

The synthetic fiber sling has strict quality control. We insist on conducting the spot checks and breaking force test every 500 slings, and warehouse-in inspection of each batch of raw materials to effectively control the non-conforming products.

◆ Application industries of the products:

1. Lifting in the port when exporting steel pipe;

2. Underground equipment and energy transfer and handling operations;

3. Lifting operations in machinery industry workshops such as metallurgy, chemicals and casting;

4. Wind-proof in the process of container marine transportation, bundling in the process of cargo transportation, and lifting operations on the offshore oil platforms.

◆ Main export markets of the products:

Up to now, our products have been exported to more than 40 countries, such as Japan, Belgium, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Pakistan, Indonesia and Turkey, and won the praise of the majority of users.

◆ Main honors and certificates:

ISO14001-2015 certificate.jpg

ISO 14001:2015

ISO9001-2015 Certificate.jpg

ISO 9001:2015

ISO45001-2018 certicate.jpg

ISO 45001:2018

◆ Test report sample:

test report sample