Main product series of DFLS include slings (synthetic fiber sling, round sling, webbing sling), steel wire rope rigging, metallurgical fixture, rigging accessories, safety protective devices, etc.

Jiangsu Dongfanglishen Hoisting Equipment Co.,Ltd

DFLS has 136 employees, 52 professional technical personnel, building area of 15,000M2; Uses Taiwan Guangjing shuttleless looms to weave all kinds of protective jackets, and the production equipment includes Korea Cu-CuT' automatic belt cutting machine, jacket cutting machine, large-scale dyeing and finishing equipment, etc., ensuring that the fixing color of protective jacket is higher than the national standard Level 3. The inner core thread twisting machine for the production of flexible slings is provided by the best Tianzhu Textile Machine in China, ensuring the purity of the twisted inner core thread and ensuring that the tensile force of the product meets the customer's requirements.


The synthetic fiber sling has strict quality control. We insist on conducting the spot checks and breaking force test every 500 slings, and warehouse-in inspection of each batch of raw materials to effectively control the non-conforming products.

Applications & Sales Markets

1. Lifting in the port when exporting steel pipe;
2. Underground equipment and energy transfer and handling operations;
3. Lifting operations in machinery industry workshops such as metallurgy, chemicals and casting;
4. Wind-proof in the process of container marine transportation, bundling in the process of cargo transportation, and lifting operations on the offshore oil platforms.
Up to now, DFLS products have been exported to more than 40 countries, such as Japan, Belgium, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Pakistan, Indonesia and Turkey, and won the praise of the majority of users.